HI-TORQ coupling gaskets provide an interlocking water tight, gas tight seal.

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Figure Number: SNAP-ALL® Transition Bushings


Product Function

Snap-All Increaser/Reducer Transition bushings from Clamp-All® are the easiest and fastest way to make transitions between pipes of different diameters and/or materials. From 3⁄4" copper to 10" hubless cast iron, clay, plastic or steel, Snap-All bushings take the hassle out of any DWV transition.

Snap-All bushings are designed for use where pipes of different materials or sizes must be connected in DWV applications. From 10" hubless cast iron, plastic, or steel pipe all the way down to 3/4" copper, every transition is easily made simply by nesting one size bushing into a coupling gasket or another bushing.

Regularly Furnished

Bushings are one piece molded neoprene, the same high quality, material used for HI-TORQ coupling gaskets. Material: Neoprene- complies with ASTM C-564 Bushing Size range: 1 1/2" x 3/4"CU-10"x 8"

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