Water Temperature Control - Single Point of Use - Thermostatic

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Figure Number: Rada 215 .5-11 GPM/1.9-42 LPM

Product Function

Rada 215 Thermostatic Mixing Valve of “sealed for life” replaceable cartridge construction. Compact design is ideally suited for use at or near the final point of use to deliver a pre designated mixed water temperature to either a single or a small “group” of lavatories.

Rada 215 has been designed to offer accurate temperature control in installations where there are diverse flow requirements between .5 and 11 gpm (1.9 and 41.6 lpm)

Regularly Furnished

To size a mixing valve for single open outlet applications, simply match the required flow rate with the available maintained inlet water pressure. Correlate with required minimum flow rate and make a selection.

Thermal Shutdown Mode

  • +/- 2°F Temperature Stability to fixture
  • Maximum Temperature Limit Stop
  • Maximum Temperature Locking Feature
  • Single “sealed for life” Replacement Cartridge

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