HI-TORQ™ 80 couplings have two clamps for sizes though 4" (100) , Four clamps on sizes 5" (125mm)- 10" (250mm)

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Figure Number: Heavy Duty NO-HUB Coupling


Product Function

HI-TORQ™ 80 clamps offer a unique flexible rigidity that provides the strength required to maintain hydrostatic integrity even under severe stress. Feature a slotted design to compensate for mismatched pipe/ fitting diameter and maintains alignment and resists shear forces in demanding below grade applications.

Regularly Furnished

HI-TORQ 80 couplings have just two clamps for sizes through 4" (100 mm) and only four clamps on sizes 5" (125 mm) to 10" (250 mm) — that means quicker installation. HI-TORQ 80 does not compromise on performance and reliability: Shields are 28 gauge type 304 18-8 chromium nickel stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance. One piece molded neoprene gasket complies with ASTM C-564 and features two sets of sealing beads and a unique inter-locking design for greater seal area and stability. Worm drive clamps are 304 stainless steel with 305-SS screws to provide maximum corrosion resistance.

Approved to FM 1680 Class I, 15PSI LIsted by IAPMO-#2189 SBCCI Eval. Report: #9488 for Code Compliance BOCA Eval. Report: M0. 94-20 ASTM A-666 and ASTM C-564
Pipe Diameter range: 1 1/2” – 15” (38 mm – 375 mm) Shields are 24 guage type 304 , 18-8 Chromium nickel stainless steel

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