6-DS Polycarbonate Duct and Cable Tray Support

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Figure Number: 6-DS


Product Function

For use with lighter, smaller duct. A frame constructed of strut and MIRO's patented bases are used to support duct on flat roofs. Unique design allows a sturdy support without penetrating or causing damage to the roof membrane. Ducts rest on a 1 5/8" x 13/16" strut and are adjustable in height. The duct support base is made of polycarbonate and hot-dip galvanized steel and all other metal parts are made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

Regularly Furnished

Base Material: Polycarbonate Size: Base is 9" x 15.25", has a bar width which allows at least 10" between the strut assembly. Can adjust in height to support duct from a low of 12" to a high of 36" in elevation above the roof membrane. Max Load Weight: Maximum load weight not to exceed 150 lbs. per duct support or 75 lbs. on each base. Spacing: Manufacturer's recommended spacing is not to exceed 8 foot centers depending upon the load. Do not exceed load weight.