M8-UFS Uni-Flex

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Figure Number: M8-UFS Uni-Flex


Product Function

The UNI-FLEX Series represents a collaborative between recognized leaders in the pipe support industries, MIRO Industries, Inc. and Unistrut, Corp. With over a century of collective experience behind it, and all-new UNI-FLEX Series is designed with the contractor in mind. Its flexibility, ease of use, and economical design has made it an overnight favorite in the rooftop support market. Let us prove its effectiveness to you.

Regularly Furnished

Base Material: Polycarbonate Size: The deck base is 8" x 8: with a height of 3" Coupler house accepts 3/8"-16 all-thread. Structural housing accepts max 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" Unistrut. Max Pipe Size: M8-UFS elevates pipe above the roof membrane from a low of 2" up to 12". Max Load Weight: Maximum load weight may not exceed 93 lbs. Spacing: Manufacture's recommended spacing should not exceed 10 foot centers depending upon the load. Do not exceed 93 lbs. load weight and make certain each support is adjusted to even the load with all other supports.