Commercial Single-Wall Indirect Water Heaters

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Figure Number: Indirect Water Heaters

Product Function

Niles Steel Tank has many indirect water heaters to choose. All provide superior heat transfer capabilities when used with a boiler or other hydronic heating source such as a heat pump or solar. Our internal coils are designed for low pressure drops and high heat transfer capabilities, which make our indirect water heaters the most efficient on the market. Niles Steel Tank offers, single wall and double wall internal coils, residential and commercial products and stainless steel for areas where aggressive water is present. Choosing the correct indirect water heater for your application is easy. Refer to the list of specifications from the list on the left to help you decide which indirect water heater is right for you.

Model_Number Capacity A.
Ht. Floor to Heater Top
Jacket Dia.
Ht. Floor to T&P Conn.
Ht. Floor to Water Conn.
Ht. Floor to Exchanger Outlet
Ht. Floor to Exchanger Inlet
Ht. Floor to Aquastat
Aprox. Shp. Wt.
U.S.Gal. in. in. in. in. in. in. in. lbs.
NSW-65C-5 58 59 ¼ 22 53 18 60 5 38 47 ¾ 11 ½ 265
NSW-80C-5 73 59 24 52 78 59 ¾ 5 38 47 ¾ 11 ½ 293
NSW-120C-5 114 62 ½ 28 ¼ 55 ¾ 63 ¼ 6 38 48 ¾ 11 ½ 415

Regularly Furnished

2″ Non-CFC Foam Insulation-Covers the sides and top of tank to save energy by retarding loss of heat. Factory Installed Nipples-For longer water heater life. Easier installation. Fully Automatic Controls-immersed Honeywell aquastat. Immersed Adjustable Honeywell Aquastat-Fast acting immersion aquastat for automatic temperature control (adjustable from 80°F to 160°F). Ultonium® Lining-Niles Steel Tank water heater tanks are protected from the corrosive effects of hot water by an exclusive ceramic porcelain-like coating. The Niles Steel Tank high silica Ultonium® lining provides a tough interior surface for our hot water tanks. Three Protective Anode Rods-Provides added protection against corrosion for long trouble-free service. Factory Installed Sparge Tube System-Cold inlet sediment reduction device helps to minimize sediment build up in tank. Increases first hour delivery of hot water while minimizing temperature build up at top of tank. Heat Exchanger-Single wall 1½” glass coated (Ultonium®) steel. Supply and Return Connections-the 1″ NPT female connections are located on the front for both the boiler supply and boiler return. Stand-by Heat Loss-less than ½°F per hour. Brass Drain Valve. T&P Relief Valve Installed-All models feature opening on side of tank.

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