1” Pipe-Tytes

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Figure Number: 1000-P


Product Function

Insulates Copper or Polypipe tubing from Sharp Edges of Metal Studs. Eliminates pipe rattle & electrolysis. PipeTytes completely isolates the pipe from the metal stud.

Place Pipetyte over the pipe and push into the hole. Will not fall out or break. Secures the pipe to the stud either before or after soldering. This feature enables the plumber to fit many pipes together and maintain accurate pipe position before soldering.

The patented off-center hole allows you to rotate the Pipetyte in the hole to level or add pitch to the pipe. This enables the pipe to pass by stacks, or rotate back away from drywall screws or nails.

Regularly Furnished

Quantity: 100/Bag

Fits all ½ ¾ & 1 inch copper or polypipe tubing. Patented off-set hole makes for better pipe alignment. Made of tough, durable polyethylene, withstands temperatures of 212° F. For use on all metal studs 18 gauge or lighter. Meets UL Standard 2043 for discrete products installed in air-handling spaces.

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